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Live performance at "InProg'2003" festival

Starless Records, 2003


1. Intro
2. Vegetarian
...what are you eating there?
3. Heawy Water
Nice merry song, not about end of the world yet...
4. Purgatory
Every religion could be a ground to build your thoughts upon. Or some philosophy, if you wish.
5. A-Theist Hacker
T he God Almightly created this world and all his creatures in there. His gift is art, all kinds of art, axcept the music. The latter He saved for himself - as a kind of last argument. And the question is: who is the musician? Person chosen of God or a filthy hacker, who's trying to steal God's secret weapon?
6. Oasis
To shout aloud is not enough...

Concerto Grosso #1

Two years ago resquers discovered a frozen body in Swiss Alps. By a miracle beyond understanding it appeared possible to bring him back to life. He appeared to be an Italian conductor, who was trying to flee from the tyranny of his Duke in 1620 and died in Alpen snow. In a hospital he got all medical help he needed, plus complete access to current music trends. After listening long enough to today's music, he decided to celebrate the wonder of his resurrection by writing Concerto Grosso. So listen...

I. Allegro
Just an introduction, a key to everything that follows. 7/8. Orchestra riffs, medievally sounding theme, almost jazz-rock improvisations. You'll hear them in other parts of Concerto too.
II. Largo
Dark and solemn. Somewhat similar to a deadly drunk orchestra at the funeral procession. Slow down 7/4 and you'll get the picture.
III. Menuetto
5/4. Awkward it may be' but you may dance if you dare!
IV. Adagio
First, imagine a Very Progressive Guitarist. Like M..., or V..., or... it doesn't really matter, who is playing (a role of) Vivaldi. Then imagine anything you want.
V. Presto. Finale
Finale - the end of everything. This performance is not an exeption.

(comments by A. Kostarev. Last minute translation by Vladimir Impaler)

Bonus - the "Vegetarian" live video

Alexander Kostarev - guitar, harmonica

Gennady Lavrentiev - violin, tabla drums

Ekaterina Morozova - keyboards, bass synth

Yury Lopukhin - flute, saxophone

Andrey Pankratov - drums

Recorded live 22 February 2003 at "InProg2003" festival (Moscow, Russia)
Live mixing: Konstantin Lounkov. Mastering: Alexander Kostarev. Video recording: Nikolay Milovidov. Photo: Oksana Leuta. Video editing: Konstantin Lounkov. Cover design: Vladimir Impaler (Starless Records).
All music by Alexander Kostarev, except: "Vegetarian" - A. Kostarev, based on theme by S. Medvedev, "Oasis" - S. Medvedev, "Hacker" - A.Kostarev, including "Dream of Sisyphus" theme by S. Belyaev.

Starless STR02

recording was restored from cassette tape



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